Spring is here

It's the middle of April already, how did that happen??? I'm enjoying working on a new series of still lifes for a new Cafe in neighboring Venice Beach. I was wanting to do a series of something and couldn't decide what...when this opportunity kind of fell in my lap. So far I have finished three paintings and hope to do at least three more. It has inspired all sorts of ideas...can't wait to keep going! Happy Spring!

Getting Started...

Wow what a whirlwind the last few weeks have been. I have been meaning to sit down and start this blog but like many things on the proverbial to-do list , it kept falling to the bottom!  It's been exciting and a little nerve wracking setting up these sites and going public with my work- but it was time to shake things up! If I have learned anything in my 25 years in show business, it's that you can't create in a vacuum.  ( of course I have have done some of my best acting work in front of the  bathroom mirror! ) At some point you must venture forth and present what you've got without fear of rejection! Because  the truth is , no matter how accomplished or successful any artist  becomes- we all suffer from varying degrees of self doubt. That little nagging voice is always there, the trick is learning how to turn down the volume,  and enjoy the process. So judge away!!! Share your comments! I appreciate your support!! xo

My new site

I started painting again (I say again because it's what I was planning to do with my life before I got sidetracked) about 5 years ago.